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Bullseye Lite Illuminates With Beautiful Distinction

Bullseye Door Lite Lightpost

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From main street to your street, lights manufactured with The Georgetown Door Lite® create a beautifully distinct look while providing safety and security. Whether it’s subtle or dramatic lighting, the Georgetown Door Lite® illuminates with the look of real glass with better than glass performance. The Georgetown Door Lite® is scratch resistant, has a high light transmission and low haze enhanced weatherability.

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Bullseye Door Lite Double Lightpost

Bullseye Door Lite Lightpost 12 Sides

Bullseye Door Lite Lightpost BronzeBullseye Door Lite Lightpost SnowBullseye Door Lite Lightpost WhiteBullseye Door Lite Lightpost 4 SidedBullseye Door Lite Lightpost 6 Sides

Safety of an Acrylic

Warranted for 10 years against breakage • Meets ANSI Z97.1 1984 (R1994) standard for safety.
6”x 8”/ 8”x 6” size x ½” thick available now • Made in the U.S.A.

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